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last updated on 2017-10-13

Actual version: 1.101

Please, report any bug(s) you may find via my FB MOC group at


BUSUFL is free JAVA application allowing LEGO Digital Designer's (LDD) native .lxf files to be photo-realistically rendered. Besides normal "single" rendering mode it also incorporates Multirender (where every .lxf in the bunch can set its own position and rotation in the GUI!) and AnimatedGIF modes (YES: it actually produce for you the final .gif file - no more headache from trying to figure out "what-to-do-with-all-those-rendered-sequence-of-images"!).


Christopher Kulla - orig. author of SunFlow engine
Bart van Blokland - orig. author of LDD libraries
Damien Roux - for some HQ bricks

BUSUFL is released under my unique BSFMCLv2 license (included inside the package)


  • Download JAVA - in order to use BUSUFL you need to have JAVA installed on your machine

    WINDOWS (809 downloads)


  • 2017-10-13 - v1.101
    • NEW: when moved positions of both Main and Render window are saved so they'll re-open at their respective last spot
    • UPDATE: some CMD & GUI info texts
    • UPDATE: some internal code optimization
    • CHANGE: default image resolution (now FullHD) and "samples" value (now 32 for perfect smoothing)
    • CHANGE: lowered intensity of color variation for black color
    • CHANGE: TAB name of "AnimatorGIF" to "Animator"
    • CHANGE: increased level of metallic shine in Pearl shader
    • CHANGE: some of metallic and pearl colors look
    • CHANGE: trans-dark blue color/material is a bit darker now
    • FIX: for a single or "main" model (if more than 1 are loaded in BUSUFL) its Y-axis won't be set to 0 anymore = rotation (look) exactly as in LDD
    • FIX: if brick had non-existent material it'd end up in error, now it'll be rendered as "shadowless" constant white
    • FIX: all FLEX bricks should now render as expected
    • FIX: multicolored brick 47899 should now render as expected
    • FIX: multicolored brick 30361 should now render as expected
    • FIX: multicolored brick 16709 should now render as expected
    • FIX: multicolored torso brick 16360 should now render as expected
    • FIX: all decorations containing some tiny lines sections were rendered wrongly, basically without those parts (looked like bleached or "sunken")
    • FIX: rendering error if all LDD models in a .bsfm file were set to "off"
    • FIX: rendering time did not start immediately after clicking RENDER button
    • FIX: previous rendering window was not closed immediately after clicking RENDER button
    • FIX: unnecessary and annoying warning window of "BCKT(NaN shading sample)" disrupting flow of rendering process as render'd continue anyway
    • FIX: clicking CAMERA reset fdist button did not update the value for actual render
    • FIX: text in progressbar didn't update right after clicking on render button
    • FIX: MixShader's phong and pearl values were ignored when in 2nd position
    • FIX: GUI temporarily freeze when BUSUFL starts rendering searching for bricks in the .lxf
    2017-08-01 - v1.100
    • NEW: individual model automation (rotation & position) under LDDModels TAB
    • NEW: ColorPicker for every Color field in GUI
    • NEW: automatic BSFM file version updater (orphaned lines removed, missing set to defaults)
    • NEW: YouTube video tutorial button next to block attribute if such vid already exist
    • NEW: checkbox in SUN block to completely disable sun
    • NEW: animated loading icon in GUI during model opening process
    • UPDATE: camera, sun & surface values in AnimationGif TAB are automatically disabled/enabled in real time upon state of respective blocks under SceneRig TAB
    • UPDATE: some previously missing brick seams
    • CHANGE: input fields width (wider) and some info texts & their positions
    • CHANGE: background color for non-input "informational" TextFields
    • CHANGE: some texts in info TextFields
    • CHANGE: a tiny bit higher reflectiveness of legobrick material
    • CHANGE: some default values for BSFM file creator
    • FIX: negative sceneRotationY axis value (rotated in reversed direction)
    • FIX: some buttons' on/off state on mouse RollOver (was still as RollOut)
    • FIX: SceneRig TAB vertical scroller slider default position (now 0 = at the top)
    • FIX: not animating last frame properly if "X|Y|Z-axis % 360 > 0"
    • FIX: offset & color values becoming "null" on next reload if color value was changed
    2017-07-03 - v1.001
    • NEW: auto-checking of correct LIF path
    • UPDATE: some previously missing LOS & brick seams
    • FIX: problem with static path to main LXF model (would not work if moved)
    • FIX: problem with long LXF names (would not work if too long)
    2017-07-01 - v1.000
    • initial release
  • HOW TO

    • Download BUSUFL (higly compressed 7zip selfextracting .exe file) and extract it anywhere in your PC/MAC. Run the app by clicking on busufl.bat file. There should be 4 files, namely:
      • busufl.bat
      • DATA
      • LICENSE
      • README
      After its first run and with every new LDD model loaded for the first time into the BUSUFL it'll produce its native .bsfm file automatically for you so you don't have to worry about anything - just run BUSUFL and enjoy!

      BEWARE: model's Y-axis rotation has been RESET to "0" by default (it will enable you doing your own positioning and rotating INDEPENDENTLY from LDD - very useful in multirenders or even single render where you do not need to repeatedly going to LDD and repositioning/re-rotating your model) so you have to update it yourself under LDD Models (TAB) > rotation - change ROTATION field value of "0 0 0" (X-axis Y-axis Z-axis) to something like "0 SOME-VALUE 0". - starting with v1.101 this is NOT TRUE ANYMORE

    • How to extract Windows .exe selfextracting archives on MAC
    • Download and use application called The Unarchiver from Apple iTunes website.

    • If render ends up with error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError (basically this occures with relatively big models having thousands of bricks): close and re-open BUSUFL, do not load anything and go to menu Options and set there new bigger value for the Set heap size, like 4GB and once again close and re-open it should be OK (BEWARE: you need to have corresponding amount of physical RAM in your machine to be able setting/using specific heap size!).

    • Tho very rare but sometimes BUSUFL renders blank image - this occures when the LDD camera angle is "too steep" (looking from top to bottom) and/or "too close to a model": just slightly re-do your LDD camera angle so it would not be that steep or too close to your model...and that should be it.

  • Q&A

    • Q: I have noticed some speckle/noise in some metallic materials - is it normal?
    • It's normal and highly intentional: when you look at some types of real LEGO metallic bricks they're not all that pristine clear as mirror or shiny materials, some of them have actually kind of noise and slightly blured/stretched reflections and that's the reason why I implemented this in some metallic types to resemble that look as much as possible. It is also greatly affected by other things like the light settings used, how far and angle the camera actually is from your model, how big your model is etc.



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